Diaspora Now! – Contemporary Arts around the Homeland (وطن)

Today a great many people around the world find themselves caught up in conflict or disasters. Some have no option but to stay there and remain trapped there while others are driven away from their homes, a return to their homeland impossible. These problems are endemic around the globe and rock the entire world. In today’s contemporary art, some artists seek means of expression in new lands, gathering artistic subjects and standing alongside refugees, and they showcase their works in an effort to draw the world’s attention. It is our pleasure to showcase these art works - responding to the state of affairs today - in Gifu prefecture, the birthplace of Chiune Sugihara who helped to save so many displaced persons during the Second World War.

Artists: mounir fatmi, Larissa Sansour, Akram Al Halabi, Randa Maddah, Mirna Bamieh, KYUN-CHOME
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Akram Al Halabi, "Never forget" in Cheek
©2012 Akram Al Halabi

Mirna Bamieh, "No Flag Flutters in the Wind"
©2015 Mirna Bamieh