The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu collects high-quality works and shows them in Museum collection exhibitions. The Museum also features the results of its curators’ study of the collection in special exhibitions and through publishing in various media.
 The Museum’s collection consists mainly of paintings, sculpture, and crafts of the modern era and contemporary times. In the field of Japanese art, the Museum concentrates on exploring the work of local artists, as well as studying, collecting, and preserving their works. Regarding world art, the Museum is proud of its special collection of the works of French Symbolist painter Odilon Redon, who was active at the end of the nineteenth century. The works of Redon and his contemporaries are a highlight of the Museum’s collection. In addition, the Museum has successfully collected a number of other high-quality works of contemporary Japanese and international art.

Major Works

Pierre PUVIS DE CHAVANNES (1824 - 1898, France)
Study for "The Charity", 1893 - 94
oil, paper(lined with canvas)

Gustave MOREAU (1826 - 1898, France)
Pieta, 1854
oil, canvas

Odilon REDON (1840 - 1916, France)
The Ballon, 1883
charcoal and black chalk, paper

Odilon REDON (1840 - 1916, France)
Winged Bust in Profile (Sphinx), around 1898 - 1900
pastel, charcoal and white chalk, paper

Odilon REDON (1840 - 1916, France)
Screen of Olivier Sains?re, 1903
tempera, oil, etc. canvas

Paul GAUGUIN (1848 - 1903, France)
Tahitian Landscape, around 1894

Paul SERUSIER (1864 - 1927, France)
The Engulfed Buddha - Homage to Odilon Redon, 1916
oil, canvas

Joan MIRO (1893 - 1983, Spain, France)
Person and Moon, 1950
oil, canvas

Giuliano VANGI (1931 - , Italy)
Man with Child No. 2, 1974
nickel, silver, marble, ivory

Claude VIALLAT (1936 - , France)
Repetition, 1970
dyestuff, canvas

Shusaku ARAKAWA (1936 - , Japan)
Moral/Volumes/Verbing/The/Unmind No.2, 1974 - 77
oil, acryl, canvas

Ufan LEE (1936 - , Japan)
From Line, 1977
mineral pigment, glue, canvas

Susumu KOSHIMIZU (1944 - , Japan)
Ark on Mt. Ararat, 1991
copper, iron, water, white marble

Hosui YAMAMOTO (1850 - 1906, Japan)
Nude, around 1880
oil ,canvas

Gyokudo KAWAI (1873 - 1957, Japan)
Snowy Forest, 1936
Indian ink, mineral pigment, glue, silk

Morikazu KUMAGAI (1880 - 1977, Japan)
Way back from the crematory, 1947
oil, canvas

Seison MAEDA (1885 - 1977, Japan)
Warrior of the Oei period, 1947
Indian ink, mineral pigment, glue, silk

Doshun MORI (1909 - 1985, Japan)
Muroji Temple (Five storied pagoda), 1961
color woodcut, paper

Toko SHINODA (1913 - , Japan)
Man (II), 1981
Indian ink, cinnabar, silver ground, paper

Toyozo ARAKAWA (1894 - 1985, Japan)
Shino ware Tea bowl "Early Spring", 1982
ceramic ware

Rikizo MUNEHIRO (1914 - 1989, Japan)
Tsumugi (pongee silk) fablic kimono with Kasuri dyeing motif of ear of rice on indigo ground, 1982
Japanese indigo, silk

Hikaru YAMADA (1923 - 2001, Japan)
Vertically-extending silver-glazed pipe, 1998
kaolin, palladium

Redon and His Contemporaries